SUBJECT: 2013 極光獎得獎名單
DATE: 2013/6/4
CONTENT: TTH-LED Win Multiple Aurora Award 2013

TTH-LED Win Multiple Aurora Award 2013


        Famous website, LEDinside had announced this year’s Aurora Award winner right before Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. TTH-LED wins total six titles on LED Tube, LED Bulb, and LED Diamond Light upon this award. We feel thankful for Aurora Award’s care and support, we appreciate it. Among all the product, TTH-LED 8.5W omni-directional Bulb wins Best Annual LED Bulb Brightness and Best Annual LED Bulb Design.


TTH-LED Tube win Best LED Tube, Best LED Tube Brightness, Best LED Tube Design


TTH-LED Omni-Directional Bulb win Best LED Bulb, Brightness, Best LED Bulb Design



TTH-LED Diamond Light win Best LED Candle Bulb



TTH-LED Omni-Directional Bulb wins Annual Best LED Bulb Brightness and Annual Best LED Bulb Design.



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